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Welcome to the Website of the

American Lingual Orthodontic Association

The American Lingual Orthodontic Association is organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to promote education and research related to lingual orthodontic appliances.

The term “lingual” refers to the inside (tongue or palate) surface of the tooth. Lingual braces are attached to that inside surface unlike traditional braces which are fixed to the outside of the teeth. With the braces positioned on the inner surface, it makes them truly invisible and provides cosmetic orthodontic treatment without the distraction of typical braces.

We are stonger together

The ALOA is dedicated to supporting it’s members in their mission to provide the highest quality, esthetic orthodontic care to their patients

Our Sponsors

Our partner sponsors are committed to advancing lingual orthodontics

Benefits of Membership

ALOA members are working together to promote lingual care in their clinics and community

Riolo Orthodontics
Riolo Orthodontics
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I have been a member of the ALOA for many years and there is no better resource for information in North America
Bellevue Orthodontics
Bellevue Orthodontics
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The ALOA is a great resource for orthodontist that want to esthetic treatment options for their patients.

Types of Treatments

There are a wide range of lingual appliances, each with their own particular strengths